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Gauteng BEE Certificate is the home of BEE STRATAS' Level 1 and 2 BBBE Certificate Application portal. This website is dedicated to offering you great service at lighting speed in the most convenient way possible. For only R1500.00 you can get your valid EME/BBBEE Certificate in a matter of minutes 45min max to be exact only durning office hours 08:00-14:00.

A BEE certificate will give you a competitive edge and ensure you comply with the Preferential Procurement policies of corporates and the public sector which require that their suppliers be BEE certified. It will enable you to tender for Government projects and allows your corporate clients to earn Preferential Procurement points on their BEE Scorecard.

In terms of the New BEE Code of Good Conduct, Any enterprise with an annual turnover of R10 Million or less Qualifies as an EME.

EME's that are 100% Black owned qualify for a Level One Certificate and have a B-BBEE recognition level of 135%.

EME's with 51% Black ownership qualify for a Level Two Certificate and have a B-BBEE procurement recognition of 125%.

If an EME is more than 51% black owned, its rating is increased to that of a "Level 2 Contributor" having a BBBEE procurement recognition of 110%.

And finally if an EME has less then 51% Black ownership it qualifies for a Level 4 BEE Certificate.


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Our Process

Our online portal makes applying for a BBBEE Certificate simple, fast and efficient. Below is our step-by- step process. In 10 to 45 minute you will have your certificate.

Please note that you can email your information directly to us to clientservices@gautengbeecertificate.co.za or fax it to 086 613 1115,
in case there are technical issue.


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